September 23-24-25th Biella Airport - NITRO DRAG DAY 2011

The international dragrace in Italy since 2001: the adventure started in a small airport in Modena, and kept growing year after year, then we moved it for a few years to Rivanazzano (Pavia) in a larger airport but still too small for such an event, not enough braking area for cars over 300 km/h, and no return lane; finaly this year we obtained the authorization to organize in a fairly large airport in Biella, very close to Swiss and France, mid way between Milan and Turin.

The difference: other events are cars meetings with some dragrace and dragster show, NITRO DRAG DAY is The Dragrace with contour of cars meetings and stunt show.
We really care about nice cars meetings and show for the public, but our commitment is the race: our professional team with our own timing system, is hired every year from the French championship organizers, as well as from the Automobile Club of Geneva (Swiss), track preparation has been improved this year, and we will start track preparation with glue and rubber 4 days before the event.

This new location is definitely perfect for a big international event: the main track is 30 mt. wide and 1450 mt. Long. Pre star area can be limited to 50 mt. since the return lane joins the main track at the very beginning with a wide turn so, useful lenght of the track is 1400 mt, more than enough for big cars ¼ mile! Slow cars (up to 250 kmh/h) can return directly along the return lane after each run, fast cars can use the whole track and turn on a wide area at the very end of the track. Pits area is all tarmac, 60 mt wide and 400 mt. Long, and there is a huge parking lot for spectators and camping, wc and showers are available to the racers, and good italian food and sandwiches will be available from several points. Grandstands and barriers will give perfect visibility for the public, and both the track and the pits are illuminated for night race and shows.

The race is open to race and street cars, most classes are index :
street run B (13 sec.) , A (12 sec.), Super Street (10.90 sec.) and Super Gas (9.90 sec) or handycap: street run C (14 and slower), Super Pro E.T. 8.99 and faster as from FIA rules.
There are also
– Heads Up classes for street legal cars divided by traction, stock and modified
– Heads Up 2 classes for Supercars (Porsche Ferrari, Lamborghini, Corvette and so on) up to 500 hp, and over 500 hp
– Heads Up 2 classes for 1.4 Abarth (500, Grande Punto, MITO) stock, and modified.
No subscripion fee for race cars, even in public race, for racers coming outside from Italy; public race racers will only be charged for the personal entry ticket (25 Euro per person for the weekend, 35 for grandstands seat).
Race cars will need the racers to have a licence, street cars with no licence will get a temporary licence for 15 Euro.
50 to 70 Euro fee for street cars time trials (no race, no licence); these cars will have to be street legal (licence plate and insurance), no slick tires, no nitrous.
WARNING! Some Street Legal rules are flexible, a few others are mandatory. Not sure if your car is compliant with street legal rules? Please call or email and we will help you with more complete information before you decide to take part to the race or time trial.

2010 edition in Rivanazzano (Pavia) airport, recorded the presence of nearly 200 race cars, from Sportsman to Super Pro E.T. cars. The new track can easily double these numbers thanks to the return lane and the huge pits, and still have room for car meetings, shows and exhibitors.

Cars meeting: three dedicated area in the pits for pre ’70 american cars, supercars and tuning.

Exhibitors: several high performance parts manufacturers and dealers will display engine parts, turbos, electronics, fiberglass parts, and chassy-dyno, and a chassy dyno will be available for car performance tests.

Do not miss this great event!

Information in english call +39-335-5910599

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credits: Guglielmo Rovere | Luca Degliuomini